HCLabs Announces Release 6.7.2 of RollCall™

RollCall™ by HCLabs provides organizations with an automated attendance solution to allow training instructors to scan attendance and manage training records quickly and easily via mobile devices. RollCall supports the capture of skilled training records with seamless integration to an organization’s learning platform. This allows trainers to focus on developing their workforce rather than managing manual processes and mitigates the risk associated with paper updates to training records.


HCLabs, a provider of software focused on delivering training to the extended workforce, announced the official release of RollCall™ 6.7.2. RollCall™ simplifies training records management with an intuitive solution to create, maintain and deliver training records to a corporate learning platform. RollCall™ allows trainers manage training records via their mobile device in real-time, through support of badge scanning to capture, manage and seamlessly synchronize training attendance to their organization’s LMS.

RollCall™ delivers the ability for instructors to capture attendance in online or offline mode, provides full support for unplanned or “ad hoc” training, the use of multiple devices to capture attendance simultaneously for the same training class or meeting, and the option for instructors to group multiple classes together to enable the efficient collection of attendance. RollCall™ also supports ad hoc Learner Groups and the ability for trainers to add session-specific comments, With the most recent release, RollCall™ provides instructors with the ability to manage groups of attendees across multiple sessions, enter after-the-fact attendances, and supports UTF-8 character encoding to support languages such as Chinese.

According to HCLabs Partner, Jason Ichen, “The most recent version of RollCall™ reflects the needs of our customers as they manage training for the deskless workforce on a day-to-day basis. RollCall™ is continuously updated to make managing and delivering training a smooth activity for trainers, whether they be out on the shop floor or making rounds.

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