The SAP Learning Solution (LSO) has been implemented worldwide across a variety of industries by many organizations both large and small, earning it a solid reputation as an integrated learning management system (LMS) generally capable of handling complex organizational training requirements, effectively reducing the cost of training delivery, and enabling companies to maintain compliance with governmental training regulations. However, as is the case with any LMS available today, there is still room for improvement. Challenges still exist which hinder the overall effectiveness of this solution, and the greatest of these challenges is related to the user experience. Content may indeed be “king”; however, the initial experience for users as they interact with e-learning courses forms the basis of their crucial first impression regarding the overall viability of their organization’s LMS. Therefore, it is essential that the e-learning courses load, launch and perform efficiently to avoid having a negative effect on user adoption. Of course, the success of any technological investment greatly depends on user adoption. Because the reliability of your e-learning courses in LSO is largely determined by the performance of the content player, it makes sense to ensure that this component of the solution performs as flawlessly as possible. With this in mind, hCLabs has partnered with Rustici Software, a recognized leader in the e-learning industry, to develop a best-of-breed content player, Twine™, which includes pre-tailored integration with LSO and offers a significant number of additional advantages geared towards maximizing user adoption, reducing the volume of LMS-related issues submitted to the call center, and increasing your organization’s return on investment in the SAP Learning Solution. An LMS that fails to deliver consistently, chokes on content, or fails to communicate well with that content is typically viewed as the cause of the problem in the eyes of its primary audience, your learner population, even when the issue may be primarily related to another cause such as network instability or content compatibility. Adding the Twine content player to your organization’s learning landscape will give you the ability to maximize the user experience while enabling your SAP Learning Solution LMS to continue to be on the forefront of e-learning content standards and innovation. Twine is a legacy solution. We only assist existing customers in the immediate operation of Twine if they are hosting the solution.