Support your organization’s ability to reach desired training objectives consistently with Observe, a mobile-first solution that simplifies the administration and management of on-job training programs. Observe helps consistently deliver standardized training programs and supports associated compliance requirements.
  • Simplify – Author and manage reusable, structured OJT Checklists, including tailored step dependencies and sectioned structures.
  • Stay on Track – Observe guides trainers and observers through a checklist to easily advance an OJT. Multiple observers can assist and record progress.
  • Drive Engagement – Clearly defined roles drive access and provide the ability to leverage qualified and certified trainers and observers to participate in training across the organization.
  • Deliver Effortless Reporting – Access comprehensive reports for training compliance monitoring and view employee- and department-level dashboards.
Observe captures program metrics and supports customized interdependencies and groupings. The solution runs robustly on the Android and iOS platforms and is built on our proven integration technology.