Observe™ 2.0 – Utilities Organization Initiating First Pilot of Release 2.0 with Workday™ Learning

Observe™ by HCLabs provides organizations with a solution to manage structured on-the-job training activities and pass those records seamlessly to the organizations’ learning management platform.


HCLabs, a provider of software focused on delivering training to the extended workforce announces the first pilot of Observe™ 2.0, integrated with Workday™ Learning. The Utilities client piloting the solution leverages on-the-job training (OJT) as a method to train new employees and upskill existing employees. They currently manage training checklists on paper and manually enter completion records into their learning management platform, Workday Learning. While they recognize that OJT is an effective, engaging method to support learners as they gain new, necessary skills, they have found that manually managing qualified trainers to deliver consistent training is difficult to manage without automation. The existing RollCall customer engaged with HCLabs to review their existing OJT processes and support the automation of these processes with Observe™, and then seamlessly pass completed OJT training records to Workday Learning, their learning management platform.

While Workday Learning has a strong focus on Peer Learning, the platform didn’t support the structured requirements for OJT as related to their regulatory needs. Because specific procedures and processes must be followed explicitly and confirmed during their OJT activities, and because different trainers may participate in different aspects of the same OJT, the customer required a focused OJT solution that supported the needs of training in a regulated industry. As part of the pilot rollout, Observe™ will now support the ability to output completed training records in .pdf format for storage in a centralized DMS, so that they can be referenced by users who don’t have access to the Workday Learning or Observe™. Additionally, Observe™ now provides access to administrators and trainers to create new OJT checklists by copying a source checklist for similar SOPs in different departments.

According to HCLabs Partner, Jason Ichen, “HCLabs has worked with organizations across multiple industries, including Public Works, Utilities, Aerospace and Defense, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Mining and Healthcare to support their learning, training, and development processes. We’ve observed our customers struggle with tracking the simpler aspects of OJT, such as who was trained, on what, for how long, and when, to the more complex areas of OJT, such as ‘was the trainer certified to train’, ‘can we track electronic sign-offs’ and ‘how many attempts did it take for the learner to master the skill’. Observe™, HCLabs’ OJT Checklist solution, provides the tools needed to manage and support delivery of on-the-job training whenever and wherever needed and ensures that the training is delivered by a qualified individual and is tracked in your learning management platform. We are pleased to continue to enhance Observe™ to meet the needs of customers across all learning management platforms.

HCLabs brings together technical and industry experts to provide rapid, innovative solutions to support and enhance learning platforms that meet the needs of an increasingly complex and regulated business environment.
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